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The touchscreen NAD M10 is the shape of amps to come

Unless you’re obsessed, keeping up to date with audiophile hi-fi equipment is tough. There’s a never ending supply of generically-named companies combining some random letters and numbers, slapping them on a black cuboid, and then selling it for thousands of dollars. It’s rare I see something I think will make an impact outside of the audiophile space, but the NAD M10 integrated amplifier has a chance to break the mould.

First off, yes, it’s a generically named company releasing a product whose name is a mix of a random letters and numbers. But the NAD M10 (lol) is different. It wants to drag amplifiers into the future. I spent an hour playing with it in London and came away very impressed.

Before we go on though, a note. I’ll put the amplifier’s specs at the base of the piece, so if you’re interested in pure numbers, you can find them down there.

Got it! So what makes the NAD M10 special?

Basically, it’s a streaming-first device with a touchscreen where, on a normal amplifier, you’d find dials and knobs and buttons. It’s designed to not only deliver the same sort of performance as an old-fashioned amplifier, but also work seamlessly with modern methods of music listening.

It’s also tiny (about half the size of a normal amp) and beautiful: